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HOW ABOUT 14,000?

When History Channel remade the iconic series ROOTS, the compelling story of an enslaved African family’s struggle to preserve their heritage, we had an idea to reconnect families — in real life.


To prevent the names and histories of countless enslaved peoples from vanishing, we teamed up with the Freedman's Bureau Project and introduced Reading for ROOTS, a campaign aimed at transcribing thousands of aging Civil War-era documents through crowd-sourcing.

As participants unearthed names, dates, and other valuable information from these handwritten records, they were meticulously cataloged within a searchable digital database. Within three weeks, our campaign was pivotal in bringing over 14,000 names. back into the light. These names now offer a potential 22 million African Americans the opportunity to retrace their roots.


Shorty Gold . Lions Shortlist . One Show Merit

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