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OREO was turning 100 years old and, believe it or not, felt that it was time to "grow up". For as long as anyone could remember, it had been all about twisting, licking, and dunking with grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, Aunt Milly, and so on.


So, to reconnect with those mercurial millennials, we had to come up with not just a new campaign but a new way of behaving in a space they now called home.


The Daily Twist was a successful program that paved the way for the first (r)evolution in social marketing across the industry. It was the first salvo in a string of campaigns that turned OREO into an entertainment brand that just happened to sell the world’s most beloved cookie. 


Lions Grand Prix, Gold, Silver, Bronze .
Clios Gold, Silver, Bronze . Facebook Studio Blue, Effies Gold, Silver, Bronze . Many, many others.

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